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"We were looking for an interior designer that has experience in doing lofts and a lot of them don't have the experience. It was also difficult to find an interior designer that would be able to deliver the mirror wall and loft design that we wanted as it was technically challenging. After meeting up with four IDs and speaking to them, we found that Colin had the kind of idea and design that we are looking for. The whole process is very smooth. They didn't need to consult us that often and were willing to try out new things – wall colours or the design of the loft. They are able to come up with several ideas for us to choose from. And some of the options that they come up with are really very daring and refreshing so it’s not like those dull colours. They are not those kind to try and play it safe. They're also able to give advise us on design. For example, for the laminate, they will prompt us to go for certain kinds of laminate that (are) able to blend in with the whole unit and the wall colour as well. Colin would also update us on a weekly basis about the schedule and renovation's progress. Even though he was on Chinese New Year break and there’s a company trip, he managed to keep us very updated. Whenever I reach out to him with questions, he’s able to respond within the day – very fast."

Michelle & Zen, The Brownstone

I shopped around for a few IDs and decided to choose Keith Lin at Aart Boxx because he listened and proposed innovative ideas. He also speaks English, which is a big plus. What's delivered is better than the 3D rendering. Over the course of the reno, I've learnt to listen to Keith's counsel and trust his opinions. The reno went smoothly and kept to schedule. There were a couple of speedbumps when sourcing for material but Keith was resourceful enough to find alternatives. Quality of the carpentry was good and the lights give the place a cosy ambience. The light switches were a bit suspect and took a couple of rounds to get right. Overall it was a stress-free reno and Aart Boxx/ Keith comes highly recommended.

Fred Honey, Alex Condo


Thanks to Bill, he had good idea on design,and carried out well. One of few ID that convinced us with his concept of the home we had wished for. And no doubt , it proved to be well renovated and carpentry workmanship was good. -----

Aaron & Nancy, Serangoon Ave 3 Resale

I got to know Aartboxx via Qanvast. After speaking to several IDs, Yangming stood up as someone who is very patient, easy going and professional. Their quotation was reasonable and within our budget. I was lucky to have Yangming in this project. Personally, I had no experience in renovation hence I ended up with tons of questions, often requesting for design changes, etc. and Yangming was extremely patient with me. We communicated almost daily within the renovation window and he was always responsive.We had a very ambitious timeline to complete the renovation within 1 month so we did not expect all the renovation works, especially the carpentry to complete on time. We were almost willing to move in with that expectation but Yangming impressed us. He managed to complete all carpentry and foundation work before we moved in. It was truly magical! Although there was a slight delay in the beginning of the renovation Yangming managed to handle the project smoothly.

Jeffery Wong, Casa Clementi BTO

Aart Boxx did a fantastic job turning our unit into a dream home. Our ID, Keith, listened to us and suggested practical ideas which work best for our home. We were impressed with the workmanship and designs, given the tight budget and timeline we proposed to Keith. And they delivered promptly. Thank you so much Keith. We would definitely recommend Aart Boxx to our friends and family.

Arul Velan, Parc Life EC

After “shopping” around for a few ID firms, my wife and I decided to go with Aart boxx interior. It was the best decision that we made. What attracted us at first was their projects listed on the Qanvast app. We loved their Scandinavian styled projects as it was simple and cozy. We arranged to meet up with their IDs Ivan and Ivy. They were both friendly and attentive to details. Throughout the meeting they tried their best to understand our preference and give appropriate suggestions. What we also liked was that they were not “pushy”. The feeling that they gave us was that they were really trying their best to help new house owners build a home. Throughout the whole renovation process, Ivy was very helpful and responsive. There were quite a few hiccups throughout the renovation process (e.g HDB cement screeding not done properly) but she did her best to help us resolve those issues. If there was something that I feel could be improved it would be the workmanship of the carpentry as the finishing of some cupboards were not up to standard the first round. However, Ivy made sure that everything was rectified to our satisfaction in the end. All in all we would strongly recommend Aart boxx to anyone looking for a reasonable priced and friendly ID firm.

Brandon Lam, Eastwave @ Canberra BTO

Bill was understanding and accommodating to our requests and requirements on our renovation and with a good sense of colour matching and design for our modern theme. Despite our tight timeline and some hiccups, he ensures that our renovation was completed in time for us to move in, even till the extend of doing it himself at times. As for carpentry, superb quality and workmanship! Simply love it and no regrets. Price wise, not the cheapest but certainly value for money. Thank u Aart Boxx and Bill for the help. Will recommend you guys!

Derek Ng, Belle Waters EC

We got to know Aartbox from Qanvast. The reason why we choose them as we had a very good chemistry after going through a lot of ids. The communication given was really good. The overall experience is alright given that there were hiccups along the way, they were able to iron out the issues. What impressed me was their carpentry workmanship, it was really up to standard and expectation. Though there a little difference in outlook but somethings were beyond our control and accepted anyway. The id was very prompt in updating for sure. What he could improve on was to take note on some pointers that we have stated rather than we remind him. I believe he had many projects in hand hence we had to remind him on certain things. Overall we are happy with the outcome.

Steven, Jelebu Road Resale HDB

It was by a referral from a friend. What made me chose them as our appointed ID was the first impression when i went to their office. they were very thorough with my requirements of my home. Their sense of urgency to go down to check out my home made them stand out. They were great and responsive which i love. Impressed with workmanship and concept of the whole renovation journey. Basically no issues with them. Everything went well however towards handover I felt the works were a little slow.

Adeline, Lakelife EC

“We were recommended to Ivan by a friend and when we met him for the first time we realized he was a friend from poly! Ivan’s honesty and cooperativeness appealed to us throughout the renovation process. We liked that Ivan was helpful by telling us what to do and what not to do especially since we are first time home owners. We have recommended him to many of our friends who have already started projects with him.”   

Kenneth, Tiong Bahru View BTO


“I found Aartboxx through my research online. I had specific designs in mind and after seeing the profiles on their website I felt Aartboxx matched what I was looking for. Our ID, Ivan, was engaging and friendly and gave us a lot of advice throughout the process. He was on par with what we were looking for and this 2 way communication made our renovation journey smoother.”

Timmy,  Fernvale Link BTO

"It has been a wonderful experience having Aart Boxx as our interior designer! We're very happy with Katherine's service because she would take our ideas into consideration rather than enforcing her own ideas on us. If there were any issues, Katherine would convey the information to us promptly or even fix things on our behalf, which we are very appreciative of. Ivan, the company's director, has also made trips down to our place just to give us more inputs on what we can do for our home. Aart Boxx's service is awesome and the whole journey has been very pleasant. The renovation have exceeded our expectations and we will highly recommend Aart Boxx to others!"

Zakiyyah, Segar Road BTO

"I saw Aartboxx’s posts on Facebook, liked their design and hence decided to give them a try. Our IDs Ivan was creative, resourceful, had a lot of his own ideas, paid attention to detail and gave a lot of useful suggestions throughout the entire renovation process. I really loved the library book shelf they did for us which came with a ladder and he also managed to do a cove lighting in the master bedroom. We found their price is affordable as well and able to stuck to our budget."

Laura, Edgedale Plains BTO

"We chanced upon Aart Boxx’s showroom since it’s located near our place and we immediately took a liking towards their designs after seeing the walls and materials that they use in their showroom. It was nice talking with Katherine, because she was honest in giving us her feedback. We told her the look that we wanted to achieve, and she would share his us her two cents on whether the ideas would be practical in the long run. Katherine was also upfront in giving us an option to do a cement screed with HDB, rather than having to pay more for them to do it. Our budget constraint was also taken into account as Katherine allowed us to engage our own subcontractors that we had."

Jacky, Fernvale Street BTO

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