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Aart Director Vision -Ivan Lin

    “Passion is more important than theories.”


This is what Mr Ivan believes is needed to survive the demands of an interior designer. Ivan Lin developed his passion along the years, which has allowed him to gain innumerable skills and experiences to bring forward to his current Interior Design firm.


Ivan Lin believes that creating the ideal team is important as these are the people that are representing him and his business. From the time he started Aart Boxx Interior in 2014 , the principles he has laid down as his foundation still holds true till today. When meeting client’s with different requirements and challenges, he always advises his designers to take the job and to do it to the best of their ability because every project is a stepping stone in their creative journey. 


“I would want someone who presents themselves well, because someone without any fashion sense, they don’t have design sense.”  Mr Ivan feels that teaching the technical aspect behind interior designing is not the hard part but his members must possess a “feel for design”. By doing so, they would be able to understand the customer better and bring their designs to life. 

Meet The Team

Aart Boxx Interior Director - Ivan Lin

Ivan Lin ( Director )

15 years experience

Design should be timeless and represents the client's personality. -

Aart Boxx Interior Manager - Keith Lin

Keith Lin ( Manager )

12 years experience

I aim to create interiors that exude timeless elegance, where every element in the room feels as relevant and beautiful today as it will. -

Aart Boxx Interior Senior Designer - Yang Ming Chen

Yang Ming Chen ( Senior Designer )

9 years experience

Believes in keeping every design simple yet elegant. -

Aart Boxx Interior Senior Designer - Colin Hoh

Colin Hoh ( Senior Designer )

8 years experience

Believes in making every house a "HOME SWEET HOME" . -

Aart Boxx Interior Senior Designer - Hayley Moh

Hayley Moh ( Senior Designer )

10 years experience

Approaches design with calm and relaxed demeanor, often favoring simplicity over extravagance. Design style towards modern contemporary and dark tone style. -

Aart Boxx Interior Designer - En Ci Peh

En Ci Peh ( Designer )

7 years experience

Design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future that is essentially unknown. - 

Aart Boxx Interior Designer - Shikin Ridzal

Shikin Ridzal ( Designer )

5 years experience

I love to push my creativity in a way that portrays individuality in every home. -

Aart Boxx Interior Designer - Dania Alisyah

Dania Alisyah ( Designer )

4 years experience

I see my client's lifestyle as the blueprint for every design endeavours. By understanding my client's lifestyle, I can tailor my designs to align seamlessly with their daily routines and preferences. I believe that the spaces I create should enhance and enrich their lifestyles. -

Aart Boxx Interior Designer - Pei Ying Lee

Pei Ying Lee ( Designer )

3 years experience

A designer with an eye for detail, I love designing spaces that blend aesthetics with lifestyles together. -

Aart Boxx Interior Designer - Andy Chong

Andy Chong ( Designer )

3 years experience

I tell stories of relationships between the space and its inhabitant, their cultures and expressions. -

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